Every day over 200 tonnes of bread is thrown away in Sweden. We think that’s a total waste, so we decided to do something about it.

Crumbs loafy lager


Our first beer, Loafy Lager, has been produced in collaboration with Värmdö Brewery, (a craft brewery just on the outskirts of Stockholm). 30% of the grain count has been replaced with rescued bread. The result is a tasty, light lager with citrus notes and of course light bread.

Crumbs Loafy Lager is available in both alcohol free and 3.5% versions. So low on alcohol but full on flavour.


You can find our beer in several ICA and COOP stores around Stockholm and the surrounding area. Below is a list of where you can find them.


Coop Spånga Torg
Västa Allé 4

Coop Brommaplan
Klädesvägen 12-14

Coop Spångavägen
Spångavägen 311

Stor Coop Bromma
Ulvsundavägen 187C

Stora Coop Vinsta
Siktgatan 11

Dennis Kött
Spånga torgväg 10



Coop Älvsjö
Älvsjö Torg 4 (Pendlarg. 4)

Coop Bagarmossen
Svartågatan 7

Coop Hammarby Sjöstad
Lugnets allé 21

Coop Kärrtorp
Lågskärsvägen 15

Coop Liljeholmstorg
Liljeholmstorget 82

Coop Gröndal
Gröndalsvägen 36

Coop Gubbängen
Lingvägen 104

Coop Midsommarkransen
Svandammsvägen 20

Stora Coop Stuvsta
Ågestavägen 1

Stora Coop Tumba
Bryggarevägen 9

Stora Coop Västberga
Västbergavägen 4

Gunnel & Ruth


Coop Grand Central
Järnvägsgatan 12

Stora Coop Sundbypark
Gesällvägen 37



Coop Hötorget
T-station Hötorget X-et

Coop Odenplan
Odengatan 65

Coop Norrtull
Vanadisvägen 13

Coop Odengatan
Odengatan 31

Haga Deli


Värmdö och Nacka

Coop Hemmesta
Skärgårdsvägen 262

Coop Kvarnholmen
Kvarnholmsvägen 92

Stora Coop Värmdö
Gustavsbergsvägen 34

Coop Gustavsberg Centrum
Gustavsbergs Centrum

Coop Orminge
Ormingeplan 3

The Old Smokehouse
Smedsuddsvägen 1



Coop Norra Djurgårdstaden
Bobergsgatan 53


Stora Coop Märsta
Västra Bangatan 2

Coop Djursholm
Vendevägen 13

Stora Coop Danderyd
Sunnanängsvägen 2 A

Stora Coop Häggvik
Norra Malmvägen 82



Coop Rådhuset
Kungsholmsgatan 22

Coop Daglivs
S:t Eriksgatan 34-38



Coop Medborgarplatsen
Fatbursgatan 18

Coop Bondegatan
Bondegatan 65-67

Coop Renstiernasgata
Renstiernasgatan 27

Coop Zinkensdamm
Hornsgatan 102

Coop Mariatorget
Hornsgatan 54

Coop Södra Station
Swedborgsgatan 21


We are not a brewery, but we love beer and we love the possibilities of working with people who share our opinions on food waste.

Crumbs is national, but our model is local. It means that we work with local breweries, bakeries and stores to produce a purely local beer. We leave the experts to do what they do best, and also give them the chance to  become part of creating something they are involved in as producers and owners. But we feel the biggest benefit of all is to, together with us be involved in the fight to reduce bread waste.

Matt, Niclas and Julian – we are beer lovers, bread lovers and opponents of food waste. We are on a mission to reduce bread waste with you and anyone else who shares our vision. 

Our first local collaboration is with brewmaster Stefan and his gang at Värmdö Brewery. These are people who think like us and who want to be part of our mission.


Our mission is to eradicate bread waste. Producing beer is not enough, our goal is to get the bread industry to change its system, only then can we really make a difference.

The bread industry needs to get better at producing the right amount of bread, so that a larger proportion is actually eaten by humans. Therefore, together with like minded people, we explore other ways of producing, selling, buying and recycling bread. We want to show where the responsibility for bread waste lies, and thus be able to find new ways to eradicate.


We would love to hear from you who have an opinion about our mission or our beer. Or if you simply just want to be part of it and make a difference.

For more information about our flavours and brewing philosophy.


CDO &  Head of Hops

For bakeries, breweries or investors whop would like to work with us.



CEO & Head of Business Model

Tfn: 076 051 00 28

For press material or questions about our manifesto.



CMO & Head of Manifesto

Tfn: 073 103 58 18